Rappnet is an self-moderated discussion forum delivered to subscribers by email. Discussion is freewheeling and encompasses all subjects. Courtesy and good manners are highly valued, and if a member posts an objectionable email, they can expect the polite wrath of other members.

The Rappnet community is known for its neighborliness, intelligence, and traditional rural character.

We are a very active email list and Rappnet can deliver 20 to 60+ posts on busy days. If this is too much for your inbox sanity try the Digest version which condenses posts into one or two emails per day.

(Posting unintentional misinformation, i.e., email rumors, false virus reports, and other items you may receive from the internet will bring a quick correction from other Rappnet members, so it's advisable to check your information before posting it. (Snopes.com seems to be the preferred source around here)

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How to Join Rappnet

Rappnet is the Rappahannock County Virginia Email List. It’s for our citizens and those interested in our community.

To protect our members from spam (Junk Email) we ask that all new members confirm who they are.

To Join:

  1. 1.Send an email to ListDad[at]rappnet.org (replace [at] with @) stating your name, connection to Rappahannock County (or surrounding area), and what town you live near.
    Because Web Bots constantly try to sign up (to send spam to Rappnet members, or harvest poster's addresses) Signup emails must include all requested info, otherwise signup requests will be ignored and you'll have to start over. Sorry for this inconvenience, but it's to protect our members (and you) from spam. New requests are acted on within a few hours.

  2. 2.Be aware that Rappnet often sends large numbers of emails to your inbox. New members are often shocked by the volume of posts. (Average days are 15 to 40 posts. 140 is the record)

  3. One method to avoid this is our digest version. Another is using Gmail. See General Posting Information for more on those methods..

  1. 3. (Optional) To help keep your posts from getting stopped by spam filters add these addresses to your address book:

rappnet-bounces@list.rappnet.org   (This is the address posts are sent from)

rappnet-owner@list.rappnet.org  (The list sends occasional informational emails to subscribers from this address)

listdad@rappnet.org (Our administrator's email address -me)

(If you still have problems you usually can add these addresses to an “accepted email sender” list at your server. -i.e. Earthlink, AOL, Comcast, etc.)

  1. 4. IMPORTANT! READ THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE ON HOW RAPPNET WORKS, HOW TO POST CORRECTLY, SIZE LIMITS FOR ATTACHMENTS, etc! Most of the answers to your questions are on this site. Start at the General Posting Information page.

To Unsubscribe: Go to the bottom of the Rappnet Information Page, put in your email address, and click the Unsubscribe or edit options button.

If you can’t find what you need on this site, have questions,

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