RAPPNet’s ListServ broadcasts individual emails to over 1,300 members (as of April 2016) related to Rappahannock County.  The email transmissions happen almost instantaneously and contain information related to lost pets, road closures, school board meetings, advertisements for businesses, local advertisements, local issues, and national issues.  To register on RAPPNet’s ListServ, please click here.

How does it work?  The goal would be to publish a new article as the pieces are written – preferably around 1,000 words.  There is no timeline on when things will be posted; instead, information will be posted as events occur and volunteers submit written articles for posting on the blog.  Since the blog is posted on an open website, the articles will be reviewed by a group of volunteers to provide recommendations before posting any written pieces on the website.  When written pieces are posted on the blog, an email message will be distributed on RAPPNet so everyone knows someone posted an article.  If you are interested, submit your written piece to blog(at)  Comments about the blog posts will still occur on RAPPNet – no changes to what is working well for everyone to communicate regarding the articles.

Rappahannock residents are encouraged to submit anything they feel warrants a permanent place online, or for emergencies that can be later removed (i.e. lost dogs that are found).
Suggested Posts:

  • lost and found pets
  • business specials
  • community events
  • announcements
  • opinions


Submissions are reviewed, and as long as they are not outwardly offensive, will be posted immediately.  Submit here.


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