RAPPNet is an self-moderated discussion forum delivered to subscribers by email. Discussion is freewheeling and encompasses all subjects. Courtesy and good manners are highly valued, and if a member posts an objectionable email, they can expect the polite wrath of other members.

RAPPNet is a very active email list-serv sometimes exceeding 60+ emails. If this is too much for your inbox sanity you have an option to try the Digest version which condenses posts into one or two emails per day.

Posting misinformation (e.g., email rumors, false virus reports, and other items) you may receive from the internet will bring a quick correction from other Rappnet members, so it’s advisable to check your information before posting information to those emails registered on the RAPPNet list-serv.

Eric Tollefson, Rappnet Adminstrator


Rappnet is a self-moderated discussion forum delivered to subscribers by email, serving Rappahannock County.

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This website provides information on RAPPNet’s list-serv. ¬†For questions, please email RAPPNet’s Administrator,