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Don’t Know your Rappnet Password?

Go to and scroll down to the very bottom, then enter your email address and click “Unsubscribe or edit options”. On the next screen click “Remind” and your password will be emailed to you.

Using your Rappnet Control Panel <Click here 

You can control many delivery options there.

Overwhelmed by Rappnet’s Volume!

We have a couple of solutions.

The Digest version that condenses posts into  2 or 3 emails daily. (See General Posting InfoPlease Note: Unfortunately, there is no digest version of the Local List. We even contacted the developer about this but no luck. All local list subscribers get individual email mode only.

I personally suggest Gmail from Google instead. -Why?

  1. I think it’s better then the digest because it organizes posts into discussions on a given topic, and is much more readable. It’s also FREE.
  2. Since it’s on a website, it’s separate from your regular email inbox. Rappnet posts don’t clutter up your regular email! You only go to Rappnet when you want to.
  3. You can “archive’ all past Rappnet posts to refer back to them. It has great search capabilities when looking for old posts and info. It’s stored on Google’s computer and doesn’t use any space on yours.  Gmail gives you enough space to store hundreds of thousands of Rappnet posts. (Trust me, I know!)  Note: Using the digest version of Rappnet with Gmail will cancel out many of Gmail’s features like sorting emails by topic. It will work however.
  4. It’s possible to have two Gmail accounts if you already use one for personal email. That way you can use the second for Rappnet and still keep them separate. There’s also a setting with Gmail that you can use to switch quickly between your two Gmail accounts without having to log out and back to switch accounts.
  5. To signup for Gmail go to: and create a new account. Then sign up for Rappnet with that email if you’re new, OR change your current Rappnet account address in your Control Panel, Or contact our administrator if you have problems doing it yourself.

My posts aren’t reaching Rappnet!

Rappnet will only accept posts from the address you subscribed to Rappnet with. (The one you receive posts at) Posts sent from the wrong address, fly off into cyberspace never to be seen again -along with the hundreds of spam emails that come in from unregistered addresses.

I’m not getting my Rappnet posts!

Due to the huge spam email problem (Junk emails) most servers have filtering systems to try and stop spam. Rappnet posts often get caught in these filters. They can be stopped several places.

First, look in your email program’s “Junk” or Spam” folder on your computer. Often they are there. Sometimes they get stopped at your server (ie Earthlink, Verizon, Comcast, AOL, Yahoo. hotmail, etc)

What to do:

On your computer: Add the following address to your address book. Email programs often cross check against your addresses and will recognize Rappnet emails as ones you want if it finds them in your address book..

Address to add:

Please add to your address book or accepted email sender list:

rappnet-bounces[at]   (This is the address posts are sent from)

rappnet-owner[at]  (The list sends occasional informational emails to subscribers from this address)

erict[at] (Our administrator’s email address)

(Replace [at] with @ in above addresses)

At the server level: if posts aren’t even reaching your email program, they’re likely getting stopped at your server. Often your server will have a place where you can add “Accepted email addresses” so they don’t get stopped by Spam filters. You’ll need to log into your account at Earthlink, AOL, Verizon, etc. to change these settings. If you can’t find them, their tech help people can help you.

Help! Please stop my post!

I get emails asking me to stop a post on a fairly regular basis.

“I sent a post I need stopped before it hits the list!”  Unfortunately, there is no way to do that. Rappnet is “Unmoderated” meaning You are the editor and moderator. Once you click the send button you email goes to directly to our members. I never see them unless there is a problem of some sort. (Oversize, addressed wrong, too many addresses in the Cc or Bcc fields, etc)

Please check over your posts before you hit send. -See “Things to check before hitting send” on the General Posting Information page.


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