Yahoo & AOL Emails

Why Yahoo and AOL Email Addresses Can’t Post

Yahoo and AOL addresses can no longer post on Rappnet because of changes they made in their system that causes problems for all e-mail lists like Rappnet worldwide. The way they set it up causes other Rappnet members to be unsubscribed through no fault of their own. They are the only two E-mail systems that have adopted this policy, and they knew full well it was going to cause this problem.

If you have a Yahoo or AOL E-mail address, I suggest you use Gmail like 40% of Rappnet members currently do. It works well with Rappnet and it’s free.

If you never post, you can continue to read Rappnet with AOL or Yahoo. But posting from those systems won’t be allowed anymore.

I’m very sorry about this policy, but we have no choice. 

This is a major inconvenience for both Yahoo and AOL members, but I’m afraid we’re stuck with the policies Yahoo and AOL have chosen to adopt that cause problems for Rappnet and all other list serves worldwide. As of now no other e-mail Systems seem like they’re going to adopt this policy, but you never know. Gmail is the most popular email system our subscribers use (Currently about 40% of subscriptions are Gmail addresses.) Gmail tends to be on the cutting-edge and my best guess is they would’ve done it already if they were going to.


A “simplified” further explanation:

(non-geeky people: prepare for your eyes to glaze over.)

Unfortunately if a Yahoo or AOL member sends an E-mail to Rappnet, it looks like it came from one person (i.e. but the address that is really sending it to our members is

The new way Yahoo and AOL have set up their e-mail systems now causes most other e-mail systems to reject those e-mails if they come from a system like Rappnet because the sending addresses don’t match. Many e-mail systems have adopted a policy called DMARC  (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) to help weed out spammers, which on most systems won’t stop Rappnet posts, but the way Yahoo and AOL has set their systems up will cause their senders e-mails to fail in a list serve setting.

So any post sent from Yahoo or AOL will not reach anybody with an address from: Gmail, comcast, hotmail,,, and many other systems. Those systems then “bounce” those e-mails back to Rappnet, and after a certain number come back it causes other Rappnet members to be unsubscribed because it looks like they have a dead address that isn’t accepting e-mail.



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